About ESG

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The energy industry has always been on the forefront of connection, literally powering innovation around the world.

Our clients empower commerce, industry, transportation, and the pursuit of passions great and small. Fundamentally, they empower people. And more than ever before, all these people are interconnected—and at this critical time, utilities are pioneering ways to unite us all in the quest for cleaner energy, lower emissions, and a more sustainable future.

In this always-on world, ESG is a partner in that mission. As Direct Technology's Energy Solutions Group, we've spent the last 20 years designing, developing, and deploying DSM solutions to help our clients automate and streamline tasks like energy rebate processing, energy audits, benchmarking, and more. But we never forget that people drive technology, not the other way around. Everything we build is built in collaboration with our clients and partners solve real business challenges.

More than anything else, we are human. We are connected. We're true blue, and green, too.

Serving the Human Side of Tech

At ESG, we say what we mean and do what we say. Powered by Direct Technology, we’re a local, veteran-owned company, and we care about our team, customers, community, and environment. We treat our clients and partners like we’d want people to treat our family. Ultimately we're committed to nurturing a true consulting relationship that looks out for you for years to come, as opposed to plugging in software and calling it a day. Here, we're all about collaboration: bringing together disparate people and programs to create the greatest impact and keep focus where it matters: energizing efficiency.

And we can’t wait to collaborate with you.

We don't just develop software. We develop connections, too.

From pool and ping pong to chili cook-offs and happy hours to trying (unsuccessfully) to best Adam in our annual costume contest, there's always something fun going on at ESG.

Careers at ESG

Does ESG look like a place you'd like to be? Check out our current openings or send along your resume! You could work alongside four other diverse companies in the TAG family, share your ideas and expertise, and be a part of the movement to incent global change through energy efficiency. We'd love to meet you!